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On the map provided to members three red marked stretches equate to approximately 1 mile of the river Blackbourn members have available to fish.

If you are after specimen sized Chub then the Micklemere stretch must be your first choice. Not easy to catch these Chub, and the best time to fish this stretch is generally from the end of October through to the end of the season on the 14th of March. The stretch also holds some large Pike and Perch and hefty Roach. Again not easy to catch, stealth and patience are definitely the order of the day.

For pole anglers the Commister lane and Booty's Hole stretches are clearly the place to start. For new members these two stretches are the best places to start fishing and whether using a rod and line or a pole it should be possible to catch fish.

The Commister Lane stretch is almost exclusively used to hold our club matches, we call it the "match stretch", and there are 27 clearly marked and prepared pegs for you to choose from.



The Booty's Hole stretch is little used for club matches, but it holds an awful lot of quality fish covering all the species listed available for members to catch.

For pleasure fishing sessions early mornings or evening sessions are considered the best times to catch the bigger fish in the summers months. From September through to March evening sessions will yield the best results in terms of numbers and sizes of fish caught. This guidance applies to all three stretches of the river members are able to fish.







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