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We are a small club with currently under a hundred members, split roughly 50/50 between adult members and Junior members.

We believe the stretches of the river Blackbourn we fish are unique in so far as the quality and variety of fish available to catch are concerned and value the permission we have to fish from our landowners very highly.

As a result we expect all members to strictly abide by our club rules at all times. Most are the usual rules laid down by all angling clubs, but some are to reflect the fact that you will be fishing largely within a designated Conservation Area and we must respect certain particular wishes of the three landowners.

However there are three rules that apply that we feel should be made clear to all potential new members namely,

Club Rules

·  Livebaiting is strictly forbidden, spinners or dead baits only.

·  Absolutely no night fishing, fishing only from dawn to dusk.

·  All fish caught to be returned alive.

Committee Members

Chairman - Peter Hunwick

Tel : 01359-232038

Match Secretary - Angie Burrows

Tel : 01359-250008

Treasurer - Duncan Rogers

Tel : 01359-270515





Non Committee Members

Membership Secretary - Mr Owen Holder

Tel : 01359-408073





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